Oakley D2 Digital Sports Watch

Why You Should Buy the Oakley D2 Digital Sports Watch. Digital watches for men and Cycling pros everywhere wear the Oakley D2 digital sports watch. It seems most everyone wears one, and with good reason.

Oakley D2 Digital Sports Watch in the know

Everyone knows Oakley is the authority on sports accessories and digital watches for men. The Oakley D2 is a simple digital watch to the eye, with its, as Oakley says, “biggest, brightest display in digital timekeeping.” While it’s simple in looks, it does have a lot to offer.

Oakley used O Matter* to ensure the watch is protected against water up to 100 meters. That’s particularly good and useful for all of you hardcore triathaloners out there. Also, triathaloner or not, when you bite the dust, and we all know how quickly, as a cyclist, you can take a hard spill, it’s protected against hard impacts by way of its patented O Matter technology. Of course, with that kind of protection, it almost goes without saying, Oakley used a scratch resistant crystal to protect that big, bright display, as well.

Speaking of that big, bright readout, and it is big, and very easy to read, the contrast is fully adjustable by you, and has electroluminescent back lighting for low light conditions. Important feature to have when your cycling well into the evening, trying to make as much time as possible.

Oakley has made the strap out of UNOBTAINIUM* (pronounced un-obtain-eeh-um) rubber. No one seems to know what that is, but nevertheless, the watch strap holds up well, and is just as comfortable as the next rubber strap when wearing it all day.

The software in the watch, yes there’s software in it, can keep track of 50 cycling trips, 100 lap times, the lap numbers as well, split times, and the fastest lap time. In other words, everything timekeeping, Oakley has it covered in the D2.

Additionally, if while you’re training you want to keep up with a friend who is cycling in another time zone, say you’re in the rockies, and your friend is on the west coast, Oakley’s D2 will let you keep two time zones displayed at the same time. Plus, three separate programmable alarms let you remind yourself of, well, three different things. Oakley must like the number three, because the D2 also has three multi-function countdown timers.

In conclusion, the Oakley D2 Digital Sports Watch, simple as it looks, offers a lot of bang for the buck. And how important is that when cycling takes up all of your time, rather than some dull 9-5 job that supposed to make you money.

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