Christmas Shopping Ideas for Family Fun

Christmas Shopping Ideas for Family Fun. As the infamous Christmas shopping spree continues spiralling upwards seemingly without pause year on year we find ourselves as usual in want of new ideas to justify ramping up consumer spending once again. As a country we will probably spend even more this year than the prior years. It is sad to see families rack up huge debts on their credit cards, just to buy Christmas gifts. We are such a materialism based society that we spend more and more money every year in the last few weeks of the year. Money just to be thrown away on gifts for other people. If we could turn our focus to what is really important, we would end up spending less money and creating more meaninful memories to share with our loved ones.

If you do have a whole list of people to shop for, here are some ideas to help your money go farther and some ideas to buy more meaningful gifts. Don’t waste your hard earned money on gifts that people don’t need or already have two or three of at home already. Find things that are creative and can be used over and over. If you have a family to buy for, here are some ideas for gifts that can be purchased to suit the whole family.

Family Gifts

1. Board games…something everyone can enjoy. For families that are older, you might choose a murder mystery game. These are really fun and everyone gets to participate and dress up. There is usually a planned party with invitations and a themed dinner. This is great fun for everyone!! Decks of cards and a variety pack of games is another great gift. Include a note that says ..”My gift to you is a family game night!” this is sure to generate some lasting memories and may begin a great gift giving tradition. Our family always plays games during the holidays too. It is inexpensive fun!!

2. Family movie passes- Buy tickets for the whole family. Usually you can purchase these as a gift certificate.

3. Gift cards for the family to dine out together.

4. A scrapbook is a great idea to. Start one page for them and pass it on.

Individual Gifts

1. Gift cards for retail stores are a great gift. These are my number one choice, simply because the recipeint can buy whatever they need or want.

2. Gift cards for movie rentals at a large movie rental store, like blockbuster.

3. Gift certificates for dining out.

4. Gift certificates for the movies. People always like to go to the movies. They can choose when they want to go.

5. For women- we always love candles and can never have to many!!! Also a nice watch can help give that personal touch

6. For men- gas cards from a large chain like speedway, swifty, bp or circle K. Also for men a nice watch can help add that personal touch.

7. For kids- savings bonds and gift cards. Kids like to pick out their own stuff too!!

These are just a few examples of Christmas shopping ideas to help your money go farther. It is always nice to get things for people that they can use and will remember. We work hard for our money and we should spend it wisely!

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