‘Tis the Christmas Shopping Season again..

‘Tis the Christmas Shopping Season again..

Well, it’s that time again. That’s right the Christmas season is upon us once more. You know what that means? That’s right an empty pocketbook due to the gifts you purchased for your family. Most will be taken back due to the fact that you a so far disconnect from the previous generation and have no idea what to get the older relatives in you family.

Long lines at walmart behind the old lady in the hideous holiday sweater. Feasting so big you gotta wear stretch pants while the poor under privileged poverty stricken americans huddle for warth around their fire barrels. Santa Clause who may or may not be real. I’m still confused on this! Family and finally all American male’s favorite sport…Football! These last two can be a volatile mix.

We all have that one uncle who likes to yell at the TV at the top of his lungs during the game. “This game is rigged.” That ref couldn’t call a bingo game at a church.” In my case that uncle happens to be hard of hearing due to the fact that he partied his youth away thrashing to the grinding sounds of early metal.

Don’t forget that this uncle is always right mainly because the smarter members of the family don’t want to waste time arguing with the deaf burnout. Instead you give him the satisfaction of thinking he is infoulable while you quietly chuckle on the sofa next to your sister who you know has the same, “Are you kidding me” thoughts running through her head.

You eat your pumpkin pie or Christmas pudding praying to God that you wont turn out like him. Ah, the holidays, there truly is no better time for family. That is family that annoys you because they are oblivious to surrounding reality, and yet you can’t help but look forward to seeing them because deep down you really love them all.

Merry Christmas shopping season and remember, it’s OK for your family to be crazy, but there is no need to join them.

‘Tis the Christmas Shopping Season again..Enjoy

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