Fashion Secrets from Celebrity Award Shows

Fashion Secrets from Celebrity Award Shows

Do you ever watch female celebrities on the red carpet, envious of how nice and well put together they look? There are occasionally a few train wrecks on the red carpet (Gwyneth Paltrow’s atrocious dress at the 74th Annual Academy Awards comes to mind) Well, there are some secrets that once known, makes their look a little less effortless.
Celebrities, at least most of them, are offered their pick of designer gowns. The A list stars also have access to jewelry about which most of us can only dream. And unlike us, most have stylists working overtime to get the perfect hair, makeup, jewelry, and gown combination.

But there are more secrets of which we mere mortals may have no knowledge. Firstly with fashion secrets, it is almost a must to have a nice, healthy looking tan. Fortunately, stars can get this in minutes by visiting an airbrushing tanning salon. Although some stars go a bit too far and end up with an orangy look – definitely unattractive in person, but even more so on the small screen.

Next with fashion secrets, Undergarments are another celebrity secret. To maintain their fabulously bump free form, many wear spandex under their gowns. In some cases, it reaches from their bust down to their knees. Some celebrities use self-sticking bras, breast lift tape or cutlets to help enhance their cleavage. And in the case of some gowns like JLo’s famous 2000 Grammy Awards dress, double sided tape for skin and surgical tape is a necessity! No wonder so many  people running around looking for the best double sided tape for dresses. Where to buy fashion tape ? Now I know what Hollywood tape and breast tape have in common! Oddly enough, Botox can help paralyze sweat glands to prevent ruining silk gowns.

What about celebrity hair secrets? Many are created with extensions. It make the hair look thicker and can be used to add length. There are even clip-on extensions that can quickly be added for a day then removed. And for celebrities that are sporting full looking buns, chignons, and other up-dos, there is another secret. If the celebrity’s hair is thin, stylists often stuff hair clippings wrapped in a hairnet underneath the hairdo to give it a fuller look. To tame hair static, some stylists have been known to use starch – the same kind used for ironing!

There are also makeup secrets that celebrities use to look great as well. Applying powder bronzer on your cheeks, forehead, and chin can add warmth and depth to your face. To make your blush brighter, try brushing a bland color over the apples of your cheeks, then applying a bright shade of pink on the cheekbones. Some stars accent their bare shoulders by rubbing a shiny eye shadow (either powder or cream) to the top of their shoulders.

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Next time you see a celebrity on the red carpet, just think about all these fashion secrets that might be used as well as how many people it took to achieve this “effortless” look of beauty!

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