Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Kid-at-Heart Dad

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Kid-at-Heart Dad

Dad has done a lot for you, from teaching you how to drive to showing you how to build the perfect campfire. This Father’s Day, get him a unique gift that he’ll be sure to love. Whether he loves Photography, Board Games, Sports, or is a Kid at Heart, you’ll find lots of great gift ideas here. He’ll appreciate the thought, and best of all: most of these gift ideas cost less than $30!
For the Photography Buff Dad

Photography equipment can get very expensive, and you may not know exactly what equipment he needs. Here’s another option! If your dad has an eye for all things photography, he’ll love this gift idea: a clock made out of a vintage camera! It is a little pricey at $145-165, but something that he will be sure to cherish.

Vintage Flash Camera Clock
Vintage Box Camera Clock

Father’s Day gift ideas for the Dad who Digs Board Games

He has probably played Monopoly, but has he played his own custom-made game? With Make your Own Opoly from Amazon.com you can order a Monopoly game that you customize to fit your family. Dad’s garage can be Boardwalk, and the family room Park Place. You make it however you want, and at $25, it’s definitely affordable.

Has he ever tried a board game made of magnets? If your dad loves strategy games, this one will surely get him addicted. The idea of Polarity is simple: strategically place magnetic discs to create magnetic connections with opponents and score points, but once he starts, he won’t want to stop! Check it out at think geek.com, for only $22.99:

Feeling nostalgic? Find a game from his childhood and bring back some good ‘ol memories for him. Check out http://www.timewarptoys.com/games.htm or http://www.angelfire.com/az2/gamesgoneby/desi5.html for vintage games as early as the 1940s!

Father’s Day Gift ideas for Kid-at-Heart Dad

Is Dad a video game lover? Why not bring back some memories of his early gaming days with an Original Nintendo (NES) or Atari? They may have primitive graphics by today’s standards, but he’ll enjoy playing the games he loved as a kid. And at $25, it’s worth it! What a way to find Father’s Day gift ideas that go back in time!

Since we’re on a roll with all this nostalgia, how about getting Dad his favorite childhood toy? You could ask his parents or siblings if there was one toy that he loved. You can find pretty much anything on eBay or the internet nowadays!

For the Sports Fan Dad

Help Dad show his team spirit and deck out his rig too. These NFL trailer hitches are made of solid pewter, 100% weatherproof, and cost $32.95: http://www.sidelinemvp.com/nfl-hitch.html. If he’s a baseball fan, check out these MLB window decals ranging from $2.99-9.99: http://www.stickergiant.com/baseball_s1_pg1

If Dad’s sports collection just isn’t complete without a potato dressed in his favorite team’s jersey, then he definitely needs a Sports Spud or two. Sporty Mr. Potato Head dolls are available wearing the uniforms of most teams in the MLB, NBA, NCAA, and NFL (and the refs too!). Check them out at http://www.toywiz.com/spbohe.html for $13.99-19.99.

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