Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS Receiver and SportsWatch: First Impressions

Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS Receiver and SportsWatch: First Impressions, The Garmin 205 is the greatest Forerunner GPS sportswatch unit yet. Offering superior comfort over the older Garmin Forerunner 201. Garmin has gone all out by replacing the wrist form with a much more comfortable and stylized mold. This sports watch offers a lot of functions besides Real-Time Pacing, and as a result feels a bit bulky at first. After three runs not only had I gotten used to it, I almost felt naked without the amount of information it provided.

A marked improvement in the Forerunner 205 is the customization features of the GPS data it collects. Allowing 2 main screens to customize gives the feeling of total control. To boot the unit will also allow a third exercise specific window, which you can get to virtually hands free without interrupting your current activity.

To test this out I set up a three mile run to my bicycle, which I rode another eight miles up Spearfish Canyon (a majestic trip by the way). In the exercise specific window measured by steps per minute, as well as average projected distance to name a few. Another handy feature that Garmin has installed on the Forerunner 205 is the ability to plan and upload your route to the GPS sports watch unit. This tells you exactly how far you have to go, and when to turn if needed.

What Garmin sports watches really surprised me with was the quality of signal strength. Even running and biking through a rather deep canyon, the Forerunner 205 did not lose reception once. There was a lag, however, twice over the course of navigating the narrower parts of the canyon.

Upon arrival to my bike I simply touched a button and now I was measuring my average speed via the Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS’s Real-Time Pacing feature. Biking with the Forerunner 205 is a breeze, and to Garmin’s credit. When I arrived to my car at the end of the canyon, I plugged the unit into my laptop using the provided USB interface. As advertised it gave me an overlaying map of my workout data, and how well I did through each part of the canyon.

In conclusion, the Garmin Forerunner 205 is bulky, but has made great strides over the Garmin 201 model. It is most definitely bigger than any sports watch I’ve ever seen, but the Garmin 205 is so much more than a normal sports watch. The ease of use coupled with all of it’s usefulness is comparable to that of an iPod in my opinion.

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