Glycine Airman Review 2019

What better way to enjoy the thrills of adventure and especially flying with the Glycine Airman Review. Glycine Airman watches encapsulate the joyous glamour and fun of flying high where only the select few dare to venture, the aviator has long been a symbol of man fulfilling his dreams of flying high like a bird.

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More About Glycine Airman watches

Since the early days of commercial aviation history, the work of the founding fathers, pioneers in innovation has blosomed into what we now take for granted with international passenger airliners taking off in 60 second intervals from the busiest airports in the world. Military standards have always been higher allowing ceaseless take-offs and landing with mind blowing co-ordination.

How did it all start?

It was back in the day sometime around 1953, a certain Samuel Glur, of the Altus-Glycine watch company in Biel, Switzerland, who whilst travelling listed the requirements for the perfect pilot’s watch most suited to the  new age of intercontinental commercial air travel. Samuel goes on to say that the watch should have two time zones using a 24-hour scale, so that a pilot would be able to comare his local time with the GMT reference destination. This is most crucial as GMT is the time standard used by all air traffic control worldwide.

Almost like out of a clockwork production unit only a few months later, the company premiered the aptly named Glycine Airman armed with a white dial and pencil style hands. Contemporaneously Rolex released its all time iconic GMT-Master which went on with its legendary association with Pan Am Airlines to great fame as well as run away prices and continual iterations. A year later at the 1955 Basel Watch Fair the highly acclaimed black-dial Airman was launched for an international audience and has since then quietly remained more of an obscure cult favorite.

Never out of production since 1953

The Glycine Airman despite its niche appeal has has never really been out of production since 1953, despite some of the quartz editions of the late 1980s being quite sub-standard. Nevertheless the Glycine Airman has gone through scores of editions, with new versions from the utilitarian to the downright bizarre. As history tends to repeat itself, in 2014 Glycine came again full circle with a release and faithful reproduction of the Glycine Airman No. 1. Amazingly this was a resumption of the very first edition of the early 1950s.

The Glycine Airman No. 1 true to original specs faithfully comes in again  at exactly 36 mm watch diameter, as it originally did so long ago. This being despite the trend for modern day watches having such huge watch faces. The Glycine Airman with its relatively small dial and engraved metal bezel, actually feels smaller than its size in comparison to contemporary aviators but excells in giving a true vintage feel and look so hard to come by these days.

The Glycine Airman has long lugs and a 20 mm wide watch strap. All in all perfect sizing for small and medium sized wrists. If all that sounds too miniscule to handle, don’t fret, Glycine offers other similar Airman timepieces in larger sizes for those of us with big wrists!

With regard to the crystal glass, Glycine again stays true to the original, producing a beautifully domed plexiglass crystal that has more charm than a sapphire crystal glass ever will, whilst affording the utility of a glass that can be easily buffed out and won’t shatter if dropped or smashed into.

The Glycine Airman No. 1 completes the vintage styling with a matte printed dial with the same quaint serif font from its originasl version. The polished stainless steel case, sleek and slender lugs remains typical for a 1950s vintage style watch unlike those of today. Small lume pips at the five-minute marks illuminate the watch dial at night with the hands having a creamy luminescence unlike “loud” modern watches. More how the Airman’s original 1950s tritium lume would have looked when new with more ecru rather than the shouting out “loud” luminous green when using so much Superluminova.

The watch sports the hallmark 24-hour bezel of the original Airman, reproduced with the charming 1950s tech locking feature. Rather than a ratcheting function commonly found in uni-or bi-directional bezels these days,

The Airman No. 1 incorporates an easy to use and simple friction type bezel which can be locked into any position using a small thumbscrew crown at the 4 o’clock mark on the watch case. Functionally perfect and ease of use gives a feeling of satisfaction.

Glycine Airman available in 12-hour and 24-hour versions

There are two versions of the Airman No. 1. The so-called “Purist” version, is a 24-hour dial, and the 12-hour dial. The latter more popular with civilian users who never really caught on to using 24-hour watch dials. In comparison, the Rolex GMT-Master presents a more elegant solution, marrying a 12-hour dial with a 24-hour hand and bezel for a second time zone.

The 24-hour Glycine Airman version has a slim GMT hand which tracks the 24-hour intervals as well as being able to track two additional time zones. This feature is a welcome addition to the original as comparing 12-hour to 24-hour time zones can sometimes be a mental challenge.

The Glycine Airman No. 1 uses a simple calibre GL 293 automatic Sellita-based movement, with good accuracy over a week, whilst on and off the  wrist. This new watch from Glycine is hackable (you can stop the seconds hand by pulling the crown), whereas previously when the crown was pulled out to set the time, a small pin would pop up through a hole in the dial to stop the seconds hand at 12:00 or 24:00 depending on the format enabling you to synchronize the time to a radio signal. That was really important for pilots back in the day.

Video presentation for the Glycine Airman review

Summarizing the Glycine Airman review

The Glycine Airman with its quaint and obscure cult iconic status known by few and worn by even fewer has got to be one of the most unique and stylish timepieces out there which merges together both past and present with its uncompromising, purposely-built design originating from the  cockpit of a long-haul airliner. Now with the Glycine Airman No. 1, there is no need to endlessly scour the marketplace for vintage models, often having bits and and pieces missing compromising the whole. Enjoy the thrill of merging past with present with the Glycine Airman No.1

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Hope you have enjoyed this Glycine Airman Review and look forward to your comments.

Glycine Airman Review 2019
Glycine Airman Review 2019 1

What better way to enjoy the thrills of adventure and especially flying with the Glycine Airman Review. Glycine Airman watches encapsulate the joyous glamo

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