Hercules Golf Master by Reconvilier: Sports Watch Review

Hercules Golf Master by Reconvilier: Sports Watch Review

The day is bright and sunny. There are just a few specks of clouds littering the clear sky. You are feeling good, and you are about to hit the green on your favorite golf course, and you take a glance at your watch.
You may be wondering why you are glancing at your watch. Well, it’s because you are wearing the new Reconvilier Hercules Golf Master, the trendiest golf watch currently available. It is a watch masterpiece exuding elegance and versatile functionality.

On the first side it is a classic analogue time piece; on the second side it is a high tech digital gadget that displays the accurate measurement between the watch and the green. This side can further be customized to show either the distance to the middle of the green or the distance to the edge of the green.

In order to provide these two different facets of its character, the Reconvilier Hercules Golf Master uses a rotating mechanism called the “Rotax”. This little gear lets the watch face be removed and then consequently be flipped over to a maximum of 180 degrees from the digital display form to the analogue watch look.

Taking up the range finder duties for the Hercules Golf Master watch is quite simple with the aid of a separate “caddie” unit that you can store in your bag. This “caddie” acts as a base station that initially records data that is taken from the golf course.

Before the game, all of this data is configured and calculated. Once the game starts and you start your way through course, the base station relays the data that is gathered to the receiver located on your watch.

With this data, the Reconvilier Hercules Golf Master can then calculate your position through GPS and displays the figures in the unit that you prefer: you can choose from either the metric system or the English system.

During the course of the game, you will surely need your watch for both range finding and for time, but don’t think you would have to be constantly flipping the watch over in order to use these two options.

In the digital mode, the watch not only displays the distance from the green, but also the current time. This makes it even more of a sporty golf gadget.

As dedicated Swiss watch makers, Reconvilier still put great effort into the elegant watch character of the Hercules. The look and feel of this watch really exudes great craftsmanship and professional build quality. The 45 mm case, both in stainless steel or Titanium variation, projects a subtle yet undeniable presence of power and grace.

When it comes to getting the better of two widely different scenarios, nothing comes close to the Reconvilier Hercules Golf Master. The rotating faces are ingenious and the grand overall appeal is exquisite.

No longer will you ever have to settle for a two in one watch that looks great on the green but doesn’t really blend in when you are in a classier ambience. Nor will you have to lug around two separate watches. With the Reconvilier Hercules Golf Master, you can enjoy both worlds at the same time, without one actually seeing the other.

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