Hype SmartWatch Review 2020

You are going to LOVE this Hype SmartWatch Review complete with customer reviews. This is the perfect opportunity to try out and compare these popular and highly recommendable smartwatches. Let your Kids Be whoever they want to be with these high-tech wonders. These are good quality smart watches at a really affordable and LOW watch price. Don’t miss out on these ever so capable companions for your little ones!

Hype Smartwatch Review 2020

The Hype Smart Watch Black will give you excellent functionality with the ultimate in comfort and convenience. The Hype smart watch will connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth so that you can scroll your contacts, make calls, track your steps, listen to music, set alarms and much more. You can access your phone via the watch’s amazingly cool LCD touch screen. Android users will get enhanced functionality by using the Fundo Companion App. The Hype Smart watch keeps you discreetly connected whilst you do your daily chores. You can also get live access to various types of information and intelligent features to enhanced your life. Easily peek with a passing glance to see an important message or choose to ignore. Everything is simple and discreet without having to rudely interrupt your ongoing activities with real world.

Hype smart watch Price

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Pros and Cons of Hype smartwatches

Lets start by giving you summarizing pros and cons from this Hype SmartWatch Review. Then please check the various Hype SmartWatch models available in the list with verified user Reviews.

Hype SmartWatch Review



  • Good to answer phone, listen to music and track steps
  • Affordable and good value
  • Can sync with phonebook and contacts
  • Can see short text messages
  • Can get push notifications from Twitter



  • Very Tricky to set up. Not for everybody
  • btnotifier app can be a little glitchy
  • Bluetooth signal reaches up to max 20ft
  • The funco app can be somewhat glichy
  • Bluetooth headphones have some functions anyway

Hype Smartwatch Review – Best cheap and affordable watches for kids

The WatchiWatches latest Top SmartWatch Brands Review featuring the Best Hype SmartWatch for kids endorsed worldwide by SmartWatch enthusiasts. You can also click into each hype smartwatch Review to get full details. We are confident that these Reviews will help you choose the best SmartWatch for your little one’s journey into the savvy world of tech wearables and gadgets. The latest Hype smartwatches for kids are designed to bring congruence, comfort, and convenience to your children’s lives. The Hype Smart Watch for kids presents both functionality and convenience. The Hype brand is all about making easy to use good quality smart watches, ideal for techies and equally to those new to mobile accessories. You can connect this smart phone watch to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth to scroll your contacts, make calls, track your steps, listen to music, set alarms, devices and much more. You can get access to so many functions via the watch’s brilliant LCD touch screen. Many additional functions are achievable for Android users by accessing the Fundo Companion App. The Hype watch comes with a durable silicone watch band and large screen. The Hype Smart Watch is designed to facilitate connection and networking without constantly interrupting your life. The watch functionality also allows live access to notifications and suggestions with intelligent features adding more convenience to your life. Easily peek to see if you just received an important message. You can stay informed while out and about without being constantly interrupted by people.

Hype Smart Watch Black

•LCD touch screen •Bluetooth smart watch with silicone band •Available colors: blue, black, red •Make calls •Track steps •Listen to music •Set alarms •Durable silicone band

What is Hype Smart watch?

Hype are the designers behind successful fashion clothing ranges loved by everyone. They have launched the cheap and super affordable new Hype Smartwatch. This cheap smartwatch combines cutting edge technological advances with a vibrant and colorful presentation which gives it an outstanding look and feel. The smartwatch’s bright, vibrant style is the perfect addition to Hype’s line of fashion accessories designed to add value to the lives of our little ones.

What are the Hype smart watch features?

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging and presentation of the Hype Smart watch is simple and at the same time stylish with nice box, in itself a nice little kids present to make the complete package the perfect present. Easy to open for kids without scissors. The box contains: power system, manual, and Hype watch. A nice all round gift for a keen and eager little tech age youngster. The Hype smart watch manual makes easy going of setting up this little piece of high tech. So for example if your Hype smart watch wont turn on you can easily resolve.

Overall Design

The Hype smartwatch has been specially designed for children to get introduced to the tech world. Still not being able to fully understand and appreciate the benefits of technology, those kids are also too young for more advanced devices. Children love the appealing design with the large smartwatch screen and blocky appearance making it easy to read as well as easy access to all features. Just by the screen the power button can be found, large and thick enough so that short, stubby fingers might be better able to press easily. The silicone watch strap is smooth to the touch and a pleasure to wear. The color scheme really makes these watches a hit with the little ones. There are many colors available including red, orange, blue and black. Holistically speaking the colorful, thick and blocky design is great for kids as it attracts there attention whilst offering varied functionality to help with their tech savviness. However, those who are seeking a smartwatch with a sleeker more sophisticated look may not like the Hype smartwatch.

Hype Bluetooth smart watch

Great thing about this little cutie from Hype is the Bluetooth connectivity. Easily connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth and send messages or make calls. Great for parents using this feature, especially when children are out with friends or just not in the house. Bluetooth connects simply by Searching for and turning on the Bluetooth via the icon on the LCD screen. Although the Hype Smart Watch has many internal functions, connecting via Bluetooth increases functionality. One such example is the option to play your smartphone’s music collection on the watch itself.

Play Music

As mentioned above you can play music through a Bluetooth connection. You can easily connect to your music library. The sound quality is crisp, clear and perfectly acceptable. Although we must say that for joggers getting ready for a run, the sound quality is not amazing (which is to be expected for the size). Yes you can enjoy several of your favourite tunes from this Smartwatch. It is a truly acceptable alternative to use in places where you cannot have your phone with you. The Hype Smartwatch is great to listen to music on the go and a great hit with kids for this reason. Overall kids can listen to their favourite podcasts, songs and radio channels from this handy watch doubling up as a music player strapped their wrist.

LCD Touchscreen

The large LCD touchscreen is the the centrepiece of the Hype SmartWatch where you can access Bluetooth connectivity and music through the touchscreen functionality. The LCD screen is really quite large with 128×128 pixels, having easily recognisable icons without being cumbersome. Really cleverly designed so that even tech newbie users don’t get lost when navigating throughout the device. The LCD screen isn’t the sharpest with it’s 128×128 pixels, nevertheless still perfectly acceptable for differentiating and selecting icons. Despite the Hype being just a tad deficient in screen resolution the touchscreen is still incredibly precise and accurate. Always easy to navigate, even with short, stubby fingers like some kids have in their tender years. Yes the touchscreen is we feel quite underrated but yet a highly crucial feature of the Hype Smartwatch. We believe that seamless, effortless navigation is crucial to the user experience, and we thoroughly enjoyed the touchscreen design and functionality.

What kind of Different “Modes” are available?

The Hype Smartwatch comes with its “modes” functionality which refers to the different apps available on the watch. These apps are divided into different modes to help keep the power usage as efficient as possible. For example, selecting the “Calculator” icon on the screen, activates straight into the calculator mode. Cleverly using these “modes” as apose to conventional app store apps allows battery use to be optimised. This way the battery lasts a lot longer in between charging compared to other smartwatches. Maybe something smartwatch manufacturesd might want to consider for some of their smartwatches maybe? The Hype smartwatch’s unique and intruiging way of dealing with applications via “modes” is great for children who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Hype smart watch with camera

You can easily use your Hype watch to take pictures with your phone camera so no need to take the selfie stick around wherever you go!

Hype smart watch for kids – “Modes” For Children

At the beginning of this review we mentioned that the Hype watch is designed to help bring congruence, comfort, and convenience to your children’s lives. Good examples of these Hype Smartwatch programs are: “Drinking Water” (which is a reminder to drink water) and “Pedometer” (for running) to name a few. There are also programs for an alarm clock, calendar, and sleep monitor. Great functionality and encouragement to help kids learn to schedule their daily lives with healthy habits. Yes sure if you are looking for more features this may not be sufficient for you especially as Hype smartwatches are made for young children. The “modes” on offer are more than suitable for children.

Are you WatchiWatching the Hype Smart watch?

We hope you have benefitted from this Hype SmartWatch Review and have been able to choose the most suitable cheap and super affordable smartwatch or hybrid smartwatch to enhance your kids personality, styling and safety. The U8 Smartwatch, Q7 Smart watch review and Q18 smartwatch review are also  great examples for cheap and affordable smartwatches with luxury functionality suitable for kids and adults alike. Not been able to select a suitable cheap and affordable wearable from this Hype Smartwatch Review? Please take a look at our kids smart watch review with a more broader selection of the best kids watches available. If you would like to see the adults best smart watch review then we have the latest best smartwatch reviews too. This Hype smartwatch review is another cheap and affordable watches guide by Watch-i-Watches designed to help you locate the best smartwatch under your budget for your specific needs. WatchiWatches is the best watch review site with top rated customer reviews for affordable luxury watches and for cheap and affordable luxury watch brands. Subscribe to our list to get the latest cheap affordable luxury watches reviews and guides hot off the press. WatchiWatches has a number of price levels and categories for you to search for your new dream watch whether for yourself, your loved one or for friends and associates including: the best watches under 100, the best watches under 50 and the best watches under 20. We also have the best watch blog reviews to help you compare and make the right decision. Looking forward to your comments from this Hype Smartwatch Review
Hype SmartWatch Review 2020
Hype SmartWatch Review 2020 1

You are going to LOVE this Hype SmartWatch Review complete with customer reviews. This is the perfect opportunity to try out and compare these popular and highly recommendable smartwatches. Let your Kids Be whoever they want to be with these high-tech wonders. These are good quality smart watches at a really affordable and LOW watch price. Don't miss out on these ever so capable companions for your little ones!

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