How is the Relic Watch Warranty?

The Fossil Group offers all Relic watches a 2 year limited warranty from the date of purchase from an authorized dealer, covering material and manufacturing defects. In the warranty period, the hands, movement, and dial are specifically covered and will be repaired or the watch replaced at the sole discretion of an authorized service center. Nevertheless there is a small handling fee, further warranty details, including the location of authorized service centers, can be found through this warranty link  or you might want to contact them by email at their customer services

What is the price range for Relic Watches?

Relic watches are a really affordable fashion timepiece for trendy teenagers and young adults. Most watches sold by Relic watches can be found for under $100. However going into “Nice” shopping malls and department stores, you might well end up paying from $100-$150 range for some Relic watches.

Are Relic watches expensive?

If you are a bargain hunter you can occasionally pick up a Relic watch for under $50. For example the Relic Men’s Gunmetal watch can be found for under $49 on the most competitive online marketplaces. If that was still over your budget you might be able to find The Relic Men’s Jake Strap Watch under $38 at the right time and at the right place!

Are Relic worth considering as a good watch brand?

We have to give credit to the Fossil Group and to the Relic watch brand as with each of the Relic watch reviews, the temptation to buy a stylish looking vintage watch at an affordable price can be simply be too much to resist. Relic watches come with quartz movements and stainless steel bracelets in many designs, making them feel solid and durable with the benefit of being relatively accurate for everyday use.

Most affordable watches are shoddy in quality to say the least and there are many brands that just simply don’t make the mark. The Relic brand on the other hand offers the perfect balance of affordability and quality, not easy to find these days. Whats more you have the the assurance having a Mega brand like Fossil Group at the helm so that there is a proper quality control in place to make sure you get a decent product.

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