Seiko Alpinist Review

Seiko Alpinist Review featuring the Seiko SARB017 Automatic Alpinist Field Watch with 38mm Case and Sapphire Crystal. WatchiWatches just couldn’t resist the opportunity to publish the Seiko Alpinist review. The photos and images on sites like Amazon really do not do justice to the timeless beauty and splendour of this watch. The Seiko Men’s SARB017 Mechanical Alpinist Watch really needs to be held and worn to be appreciated. We all know that Seiko watch reviews are generally good and that they are known for making good watches but the love affair only starts when you have the good fortune to actually hold one of these pristine Seiko watches. The Seiko Alpinist review just cant help but marvel at this excellent Seiko watch.

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Seiko Alpinist Review


  • Premium Seiko 6R15 caliber automatic movement
  • Can also be hand wound and also hacked
  • 50 hour power reserve
  • Diashock protection
  • 2 Tone brushed/ polished stainless steel
  • Good night visibility
  • Scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • Water resistance up to 200 meters
  • Superbly accurate quartz watch
  • Compass marked Bezel


  • Only available with sunburst-green dial
  • Simple buckle closure

The Seiko Alpinist Review features the Seiko SARB017 Automatic Alpinist Field Watch with 38mm Case and Sapphire Crystal. The sunburst-green dial somewhat similar to the sunburst-blue dial of the the Hamilton Pan-Europ is really quite wonderfully outstanding as it perfectly highlights and also perfectly contrasts the subtle and sublime effect of the two tone brushed and polished steel watch case.  The Seiko SARB017 Alpinist is an exquisite example of Seiko master craftsmanship still leading the field watch niche for over half a century powered by the premium Seiko 6R15 caliber automatic that can also usefully be hand wound and hacked.

Yes it is true that this beautiful Seiko watch uses the same caliber movement that powers many of the highly acclaimed Seiko Prospex range of watches. The 6R15 caliber movement has a generous 50 hour power reserve in case you manage to keep totally still for so long! Whats more the Seiko Alpinist watch comes with the high quality diashock protection that is usually found only on much more expensive Seiko watches.

The two toned brushed and polished stainless steel watch case highlighted with a sunburst-green dial and sporty looking highly luminous gold toned hands and hour markers makes for good visibility at night as well as during the daytime. The actual date is displayed by the 3 o’clock hour marker. The Seiko Alpinist review gives another thumbs up to the good quality scratch resistant sapphire crystal. It really goes a long way to ensure a super robust standard of toughness which protects the dial securely. This certainly does factor in well to make the watch more suitable for the most demanding tough and rugged terrains on land and even under water. Amazingly for this very affordable Seiko Alpinist, the Seiko Alpinist review confirms yes, a water resistance of up to 200 meters.

Also Noteworthy: The crown at 4:00 turns the inner (compass marked) bezel so that as with the majority of Alpinist watches, this watch also features a compass. The overall design of the compass feature is incredibly tasteful, and indeed well thought of, as most people don’t really realise at first glance, the simplistic design of this compass ring. This is testamony to the fact that this watch has managed to attract a lot of attention from watch enthusiasts who do not necessarily have an interest in such a feature. However for those enthusiasts that are interested in the compass feature, we can assure you all it does indeed work perfectly. The Seiko Alpinist review has reviewed the Seiko Alpinist SARB017 with a classical crocodile-grain, brown leather strap with a simple yet reliable buckle closure.

Photos and images don’t seem to capture the effect of the Sunburst-green dial effectively. However it is easier to see how the gold hour markers and Squelette-style hands play against the Sunburst-green dial. The combination is unusual but works brilliantly. When the lights go out the Alpinist shines brightly making telling the time in the dark easier than in the daytime.

Many people like to compare Tissot vs Seiko watches. Like for example the Tissot Le Locle, the Alpinist uses the effect of light to give a remarkably upscale effect transforming this inexpensive watch into looking like watch worth many thousands of dollars. What a treat it is to be able to wear such an agreeable timepiece.

The case with its slender curves, refracts light brilliantly, diffusing it up the lugs and racing around the bezel. The tops of the lugs have a nice brushed finish, with the sides of the lugs, case, and bezel polished finely. This subtle two-tone finish exudes a sophisticated touch of class well within the limits without going over the top. As with a beautiful woman  a touch of make-up can transform her into a Godess but too much make-up will start to make her look more and more ugly. Likewise too much polish and contrast may prove to be too much; However the Seiko Alpinist review takes great pleasure to conclude that seiko have got this Seiko Alpinist just right on the sweet spot of.

Seiko fitted the Alpinist with a second “crown” at four o’clock, which rotates the internal chapter ring that borders the dial enabling the compass function to be used in conjunction to the position of the sun in daytime. The addition of this second crown makes the Alpinist stand out from the crowd. Not to forget to mention that in typical Seiko style, the chapter ring rotates most smoothly and most precisely indeed. At three o’clock is the main engraved screw-down crown which winds the watch and is also used to set the date and time of the watch. Seiko’s “S” is deeply engraved in the crown, brushed inside to contrast against the otherwise polished finish.

Seiko Men's ' Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel and Leather Casual...
320 Amazon Reviews
Seiko Men's ' Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel and Leather Casual...
  • Automatic Movement with 50-hour power reserve
  • Sapphire Crystal and Inner Rotating Compass Ring
  • Japanese-automatic Movement
  • Case Diameter: 39.5mm
  • Water resistant 200m (660ft): in general, suitable for professional...

With just a single glance it is easy to see that Seiko are returning to their Alpinist roots with the Seiko Men’s SARB017. This particular model seems to have taken into consideration the classical details of Alpinist watches that customers loved, while completely avoiding features that did not sit as well with customers, like the Cyclops lens. There has been a lot of talk about this specific model being discontinued, but it’s not actually phased out yet.

The Alpinist collection as a whole has always been created with Japanese alpinists in mind, as up in the mountains they need products that they can thoroughly depend on. Having accurate timekeeping while out in the wild is essential, as the night can come a little bit quicker than you expect it to. The additional compass also makes their lives easier, as they then do not have to carry a separate traditional compass. The 50-hour power reserve also has Japanese alpinists in mind, as most will go away for a weekend at a time.

This beautiful Seiko Alpinist is the perfect watch for most adrenaline pumping adventurous sports and activities whilst also being dressy enough to compete with more expensive products like the highly acclaimed Rolex Explorer. If you could only own one watch in the world this could well be the most perfect one to fit all situations and still come out shining on top. A superbly accurate quartz watch simply built to last a very long time indeed. All in all the Seiko Alpinist review has great pleasure to conclude, a highly desirable timepiece perfect for those watch enthusiasts and watch boffins who appreciate such excellence in design and function. Excellent value for money with many features built in normally to be found in much more expensive Swiss watches.

The caseback of the Seiko Alpinist is solid and engraved with its unique logo and model information. There is no view of the movement, nevertheless it is a job well done all the same.


The stainless steel casing of the watch consists of both brushed and polished surfaces, adding a layer of contrast to the timepiece. On the back of the stainless steel case sits the actual Alpinist emblem, which is carved deep enough to see, but not deep enough to distract you from the overall appearance of the watch. Around the logo the stainless steel has been brushed into smooth circles, similar to those that you would see in an actual Japanese garden. There is also a smooth and simple rotating bezel, which leaves you with no need to unscrew or pull out the lower crown on the watch.

Final Thoughts

Seiko are known for decades now for their ability to manufacture durable timepieces, and this model is no exception whatsoever. In fact it helps to bring Seiko watches into legendary vintage watch category if there is such. For now lets agree that Seiko is most definately are a Top 10 Watch Brand which has produced this excellent Top 10 watches candidate under $500 featuring a highly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal which is really quite unusual for its really low price. Especially with this level of craftsmanship, it is really quite unusual. Seiko first started producing Alpinist watches more than five decades ago and since then unfortunately the risk of damaging your watch with a rock or something similar has not diminished at all. Durability really is the second key that makes this product outstanding, the first key would be it’s unique and very classical colour scheme.

This particular model of Alpinist watch features a 38mm diameter making it suitable for a wide variety of wrist sizes. It definitely is not too big, and it is definitely not too small. The beautiful sunburst-green colour of the dial really does catch your attention from the first glance provoking a sustained second deep look, which appears to be a different shade when viewed from different angles. Unfortunately, it is difficult to capture this beauty in photographs, so you do have to see it to believe it.

The dial alone draws attention to the watch, and to add to the effect the dial features both gold numerals, and gold hands. The appearance of green and gold together gives a very classical feel to the watch, and it gives off a very ‘dressed up’ appearance. The hands add to the classical appearance of the SARB017, as the hour hand is very “Mercedes” shaped while the minute hand is distinctively sword shaped. This subtle difference in the shapes of the hands might not sound like much, but when taken as a whole with the classic appearance of the watch, it does make the watch stand out in the crowd.

This watch featured in the Seiko Alpinist Review sports a classical crocodile-grain, brown leather strap, a sought after feature among most of the watch enthusiast community. However and unfortunately so, the closing mechanism is a simple buckle type closure. On reflection we would have prefered a deployment clasp for additional security. This is easily remedied if need be as the strap itself can be replaced with another to requirement as per preference, maybe even with a different colour, or perhaps a different material of strap or type of clasp.

There are plenty of colours to choose from in the world of watches. However many colour schemes simply do not compliment the appearance of a watch. When perfected it can manifoldly enhance the watch’s beauty. As far as we are concerned, no doubt Seiko have hit the nail on the head with the SARB017 Mechanical Alpinist, as the sunburst-green and gold colour scheme set against two tone stainless steel is beautiful to say the least.

Seiko offers the conneuseur a vintage looking classical styled watch with outstanding design, facilitating the use of this watch in a variety of scenarios. It could be either dressed up, or dressed down to match your outfit, event and adventure that you may find yourself involved in.

The unique design that this lovely watch offers, especially with the two contrasting hand styles, certainly has attracted the attention of a broad range of watch lovers. It isn’t too shocking that Seiko got this particular watch so perfectly right. It has taken them more than five decades of knowing what does, and what doesn’t work in an efficient Alpinist watch. Moreover Seiko rarely disappoint with their eye catching, highly functional and yet seemingly endlessly durable designs. This is definately one heck of a Top 10 Watch in the field watch niche.

Seiko Men's ' Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel and Leather Casual...
320 Amazon Reviews
Seiko Men's ' Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel and Leather Casual...
  • Automatic Movement with 50-hour power reserve
  • Sapphire Crystal and Inner Rotating Compass Ring
  • Japanese-automatic Movement
  • Case Diameter: 39.5mm
  • Water resistant 200m (660ft): in general, suitable for professional...


Face Structure: Round

Display type: Analog display

Case material: Stainless Steel

Case diameter, width: 38 mm

Case thickness: 1.2 mm

Band Material: Leather

Band width: 20 mm

Band Color: Brown

Dial Color: Green

Movement Type: Mechanical (Automatic)

Water resistant: Up to 200 meters

Country of origin: Japan


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Seiko Alpinist Review SARB017 Overview

The Seiko Alpinist SARB017 is one of those watches which one would be pressed hard to find reason to complain. This Seiko masterpiece ticks all the right boxes and comes out winning with an outstanding design and quality built to last a lifetime. One could even argue that it is good enough to use even for recreational diving with it's specification. A must have in any watch enthusiasts collection.

  • Design88%
  • Quality94%
  • Functionality89%
  • Value for Money92%
  • Investment85%
User Rating: 4.6 ( 1 Votes )

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