sports watches Football Week – Running Backs

sports watches Football Week – Running Backs. The top 3 running backs in the most drafts are stinking it up right now! LaDainian Tomlinson is averaging less than 50 yards rushing a game. Stephen Jackson! He was the league’s leader in yards from scrimmage last year and he is averaging 3.4 yards per carry with not a single touchdown. And as for Larry Johnson, he is not doing a darn thing. Not one. Nothing!

However, once you get passed those 3 stud-duds, you should be able to find some good running backs to select from for Fantasy Football Week 4. The NFL has produced some interesting match-ups for the week, that look like they will produce some big running games for fantasy football owners of certain running backs.

The thing about fantasy football is that is a science. You cannot think with your heart and your gut here. That’s for real football. For Fantasy Football Week 4, you need to look at the defenses that the running backs you own are going up against. In fantasy football, defense from the prior week (i.e. Week 3), should tell you a lot about how the defensive line is playing at this point in the season, and what you can expect from them going forward. With that said, here are your Week 4 Fantasy Football Rankings and Predictions:

1. Willis McGahee, Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns

Willis McGahee has been having a good season. He was shut down a little bit by the Arizona Cardinals, but the Cardinals have successfully shut down the Shaun Alexander and Frank Gore. McGahee will destroy a Browns rushing defense that will be extremely depleted after weeks of getting ran over. So if you have him, play him in Week 4 of your fantasy football league.

2. Marshawn Lynch, Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

The Jets have shown that anyone can run on them, including Lawrence Maroney, Willis McGahee, and Ronnie Brown. In fact, Brown was having a horrible season until he got over 200 all-purpose yards against the Jets. The Jets always seem to have trouble stopping the Bills’ run game and I don’t expect things to change in Week 4. Even with J.P. Losman possibly not playing, I think the Jets will have trouble stopping Lynch from getting his rushing yards even with 8 people in the box. Therefore, the keys here are not to play the Jets’ defense, and to make sure you have Lynch playing in of your possible fantasy games or leagues.

3. Lawrence Maroney, New England Patriots vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Yet again, I have another Patriot on this list. They are that good, but their opponent for Week 4 is also that bad. You have to play Maroney this week, as he will have a great day against the Bengals’ defense that was torched on the ground by sleeping giant Jamal Lewis. Maroney will go for at least a hundred yards, even in split duty. His touchdowns may bet swiped by Morris, but he is still a good fantasy play for Week 4.

4. Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants

If running back Brian Westbrook is healthy for Week 4, you must play him. Watch your injury report though, and don’t make any decisions until Sunday, because Westbrook is notorious for playing after a week for which he was not capable of passing. If does play, he usually has big games against the Giants. The Giants have trouble matching up with receivers, never mind tight ends and running backs that are faster than the average person at their position is. Even if Brian Westbrook does not get many carries because of the injury, expect him to run circles around the Giants’ linebackers and safeties in the passing game.

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