Sports watches for the All-Star Team

Sports watches for the All-Star Team

With the NBA Basketball Season now in its 3rd month of play, it is now time to unleash The Sports Watchers’ 2008 starting Eastern Conference All-Star team. There are definitely a few surprises. So hold on to your seats, because this won’t be pretty.
PG – JasonKidd – (11.4-ppg, 10.7-apg, 8.7-rpg) The argument for Chauncey Billups did not fall upon deaf ears here at TSW, but what Kidd is doing in terms of production just cannot be ignored. He has nine triple-doubles on the year and he is damn near averaging a triple-double on the season. As Kidd continues to play at such productive levels, the New Jersey Nets continue to get better and better, and thanks to Kidd, the Nets are back in the thick of the Eastern Conference Playoff race.

SG – Dwyane Wade (24.6-ppg, 7.0-apg, 4.1-rpg) Surprisingly, Wade has played in more games than one would have thought, with 26 games under his belt (only 5 less games than the Eastern Conference’s next best SG, Michael Redd). And in those 26 games, Wade has clearly been the most efficient. Much like Ginobili, Wade takes advantage of his ability to get to the rim and is much less prone to jack up shots from the perimeter. Thus, his true shooting percentage is always right up there with the best. More importantly, Wade has had to navigate his way back into the point guard position since the Heat really don’t have a reliable one on their team. That’s why he is averaging over 7 assists per game and gets 20.8 assists per 40 minutes played. That’s dropping dimes at a rate that very few shooting guards can claim.

SF – Lebron James (29.2-ppg, 7.2-rpg, 7.7-apg) Do I even have to explain this pick? I hope not, but since I am contractually obligated to write something about him, I’ll just comment on that game he had in Toronto the other night where he scored 24 points in the 4th quarter to propel the team back from a double-digit deficit. He just looked like a man amongst boys, when in fact, if there were anyone whom you would label a kid on the court, it would be this 23-year old superstar. And the fact that that comeback was somewhat inspired by hecklers in the audience makes the performance that much more loveable.

PF – Kevin Garnett (19.1-ppg, 10.1-rpg, 3.6-apg) Just look at those stats. Impressive, right? Now consider the fact that this guy hardly had to finish games since due to his incredible team play, his team is finishing games with an average margin 13.0 per game, by far the highest in the league. KG is probably the leading candidate for the MVP award, and it’s really hard to argue against it. Without him, the team really has no front-line defense, nor do they have a guy to depend on in the paint. The Celtics will go as far as KG does, and believe me, KG will continue to put up these numbers, and he will increase them when the time comes for him to do so.

C – DwightHoward (22.4-ppg, 15.2-rpg, 2.7-bpg) I mean wow. The light has turned on for this guy. He has added 5 points to his scoring average this year, and he even gets 2.3 more rebounds per 40 minutes than he did a season ago. The fact that he still has no real offensive game and still manages to put up 22 points per game is astounding, and a testament to this man’s hustle and athleticism. All-Star Team is here to win

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