Swiss watches for men in high demand especially Rolex and Phillipe Patek Mens Luxury Watches

Swiss watches for men in high demand especially Rolex and Phillipe Patek Mens Luxury Watches. Trends in the world of men’s fashion come and go. Take suspenders for example. They enjoyed a brief resurgence back when Robin Williams wore them on “Mork and Mindy” but have since disappeared. I guess cuff links are always acceptable when things get really formal, but they have pretty much disappeared from everyday office wear.

Pleats seem to be in one year and out the next. Then there are things like hats, which are always in but only with certain groups of people such as old bald men and cops. But the one thing that always seems to be “in” are good Mens Luxury Watches. A friend of mine paid $800 for a stainless steel Rolex a few years ago, and I just saw an advertisement from a jewelry company in the newspaper that says they are willing to pay $7000 for the exact same watch.

Thats an amazing plus amongst expensive watch brands. There are many fine, expensive watches out there, but the only two that the company seemed interested in were Rolex and Philippe Patek, which sold in the $1000-$2000 range. These popular mens watches are examples of exceptional wrist watches certainly making it into the top 10 watch brands for mens luxury watches.

According to Wikipedia, Rolex was founded in 1905 in England by a couple of watch makers who imported movements from Switzerland and put them in fine cases. They moved to Switzerland in 1919 giving Swiss watches for men a welcome boost.

Also according to Wikipedia, the Phillipe Patek watch company dates back even further than Rolex. They started making pocket watches in 1839 and introduced the wristwatch in 1844. The high price of a Patek is often driven by the company itself, who often bids the highest price to update their collection at the Patek museum in Geneva.

Even though a lot of people carry around a cell phone with a clock on it, a good wristwatch especially a is like a good ring, it will probably never go out of style. But the cell phone has replaced the pocket watch. You might as well have a phone in your pocket rather than carry around a heavy, expensive piece of jewelry that nobody can see until you pull it out. Mens Luxury Watches are of course a must have item for the modern man.

So if you want the best of Swiss watches for men and would like to save up a few thousand dollars and invest in a Rolex watch review, Patek Philippe buy online , or other fine watch, then it’s probably a good investment as they seem to get more valuable year after year. Or, you can purchase a cheap rip off and hope nobody will notice. For the best of Swiss Watches for Men check latest Watch Reviews and Top Skagen mens watches Reviews for your everyday alternative.

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