TAG Heuer, Cartier, Omega, and top 10 watch brands

TAG Heuer, Cartier, Omega, and top 10 watch brands

I have been a connoisseur of mens luxury watches and expensive watch brands for many years. Regardless of whether you are considering the timeless lines of a Cartier Roadster watch or the modern sophistication of a TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch with a fire engine red face, it is important to think about what you want the watch for.

Is it to be seen and noticed in society? If so, your watch should lean on the side of elegance rather than function-I think Cartier is a fantastic brand if you are looking for a durable dinner watch to wear to evening parties, galas, and so forth. (Cartier watches cost $4,500 and up, so you will want to think on this for a bit before opening your pocketbook.)

Is your watch mainly going to be used as a “daily wear” watch? Do you actually want to be able to use it for telling the time? If so, TAG Heuer’s Formula 1 line starts an extraordinary bargain price of $600 in the high-end watch world. Many Formula 1 watches come with a rubber wrist strap as opposed to metallic. Formula 1 watches are durable and sport sapphire crystal, so you are unlikely to significantly scratch or break them.

Omega, famous for being “James Bond’s watch”, is another luxury brand that offers a wide range of functional watches. Although they cost around $2,000 to $3,000, Omega is a legendary brand with great manufacturing quality-it will likely last you for a decade or more. And it sends a strong statement to others that you have taste.

I cringe when people say things like, “Why not buy a Casio or a Swatch? Those are fifty bucks.” That’s like saying, why marry the love of your life, just go to a strip club instead. It’s derogatory, in other words.

A watch is far more than a fashion statement, status symbol, or fetishized commodity. It is a piece of jewelry that will stay with you for many years-it will outlast relationships, business ventures, and possibly even your own life. Bye the way high-end watches are frequently included in wills.

Also, for a man especially, your watch is something you will interact with several times a day. It will become an intimate part of your image and of your psychological make-up. Every time I glance down at my TAG Heuer’s face, I am reminded of my prosperous lifestyle and the sport-centered values that TAG embodies.

When you are asked the time at dinner and you look down at your Cartier, it is a powerful statement that requires no words. When you go diving with an Omega on, you are part of an informal club of top 10 watch brands wearers.

So yes, you could buy a Casio-you could also take the bus to work every morning instead of driving.

Before settling on a $50 watch, or even a $300 or $400 watch, ask yourself what you want. If you are willing to take decent care of it, and you are seen frequently in public, it may be time to upgrade your watch.

Look at the watches that A-list actors, television anchors, and successful businessmen wear in public. Very few of them wear trashy digitals-they prefer the classic analog watch, whether it be a Cartier or an Ebel or a Rolex. It isn’t purely about function. It’s about function as an element of overall style.

Before concluding, I want to caution first-time watch buyers against getting a Rolex simply because “it’s a Rolex”. If you love Rolex, I personally think there are much better values out there-plus, people are used to seeing Rolex imitations, so a Rolex no longer draws much attention.

A TAG Heuer Carrera, on the other hand, will turn heads. Ebel is another good high-end brand to check out, they aren’t as well known as Rolex, but are every bit as sophisticated and high-end Swiss watches for men. Does it make the top 10 watch brands?

Silver watches for women wrist watches help put time on your side and deserve serious consideration for the other half. This is not for cheap Apple Watch buyers. Here is a great link for the latest Swiss watch brands with Swiss Watches for Men watch reviews including the Top Skagen Watch Reviews.

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