Top 5 Personal New Year’s Resolutions: from Senseless Fashions to Growing into an Adult in Harmony and Style

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas decorations come out. The travel plans are made, and I personally, begin thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Last year’s top 5 Personal Fashion New Year’s Resolutions about Growing into an Adult Style went something like this as far as we can remember…

This year, I will likely have several, but chief among them will be my desire to change up my fashion style a little bit. I’m in a transitional phase of my fashion life. I’m still young enough to pull off the classier looks in the juniors department. For example no glitter or cutouts, please!. I’m old enough that I probably should be spending more time in the misses department.

My five fashion choices this year will be made with that idea in mind.

1. Goodbye Posh, American Eagle, Charlotte Russe, and Express. This year, I will refocus my shopping efforts to adopt a more conservative, businesslike and adult fashion style. In order to do so, I’ll have to leave behind some of the more trendy stores and instead choose options like Loft, Coldwater Creek and Talbots.

2. Purge, purge, purge: See you never, college clothes. It’s time to go through the closet and get rid of the vast majority of my college clothes. I’m married now and moving toward starting a family. Translation: I’m over the bar scene. I no longer need the spandex and lycra club dresses, the halter bar tops or the mini skirts. I can probably get rid of several pairs of sweatpants, too, since those are now reserved for days when I’m genuinely sick — not days when I’m beer sick. Sic :]

3. Hello, hairdresser. Shortly after the New Year begins, I’ll be searching for the perfect new hair’do. I’ve let my hair grow out during the past year for updo-type events. I’m ready to cut it short and make it cute and classy.

4. Colors, colors, colors. I’m tired of the drab neutrals. A girl can only wear so much tan, taupe, brown and cream. I will adopt more fun and vibrant colors into my wardrobe this year. With new colors, I’ll be excited about making my outfit each morning, and I’ll look forward to making new combinations each week.

5. Dress it up with costume jewelry. I’ve been a little afraid of accessories in the past, simply because I have trouble visualizing pieces with outfits while I’m in the store. In the New Year, though, I’m going to step outside my comfort box and try something new. Just a few pieces of fun and colorful jewelry can help add to my excitement about making my outfit each morning, and I need all the excitement and help I can get!

Now growing up a little here are our new 5 New Year Resolutions. A gift for us all…..

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4). This year we are going to save money while at the same time invest money while at the same time buy jewellery while at the same time build a nest egg with disposable income for a rainy day while at the same time, play the FED! What better way to do it than with 24 karat jewellery!

5). Growing up means sheding our old skins with our old habits that have been bogging us down to a snails pace or even to a state of permanent decline. Living in the past is dead, living in the future is a fantasy fairy tale full of unrealistic and unachievable disillusions of grandeur. Living in the present is living LIFE to the full. So let us live our lives to the full and achieve our full potential.

Reaching for the stars NOW in this present moment if not physically then inwardly focussing on the very essence of our life which is the breath of life. Sitting in stillness concentrating only on the breath as it welcomes in the life force and exhales what is left as food further down the chain. Slowing everything down in the process so that there is only the breath without the clutter of thoughts. (great remedy for inaction in the wake of deliberation).

This is where we can join in harmony with the “power grid” like mesh of the Universe as a node within a network of nodes rather like a bitcoin, each one has the same potential high value within the whole as royalty except that it is with personal choice.

Remember our personal choice determines our everlasting success, dignity and honour which cannot be bought on the stockmarket or taught at University even for for Kings and Queens. Yes you “Princes” and “Princesses” “living” in Disneyland, HERE we leave you sitting on the doorstep of timelessness. In essence it is the secret of time and everlasting success. What a timepiece! Who needs a watch for that?

What’s more it is never too late to make resolutions to fight the “devil” within the self. Only by neutralizing negativity can we proceed to strive to radiate positivity all around like waves of hope and eternal salvation. No need to wait for the year end for that. The right time is always right NOW wherever you may be! There is no guarantee for tomorrow. For those who always leave things for tomorrow, tomorrow never comes!

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